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Temporary Skill Shortage (TSS) Visa - Subclass 482

New version of the former SUBCLASS 457 VISA

This type of visa enables employers to sponsor skilled workers to work in Australia on a temporary basis, when they are unable to find a local candidate who has the appropriate level of skills, qualifications and experience. This visa superseded the 457 visa in March 2018.

Depending on the nominated occupation, TSS/482 visas are valid for either two years for those on the short-term stream, or four years for the medium and long term stream. A list of eligible occupations can be found here:


Family members can be included as dependents in this application.


The process for a business to sponsor a visa applicant has three stages:
The application can only be processed in the above order. Should one section of the application not be successful, the visa cannot be issued to the employee.


The company must initially demonstrate that it can meet the requirements to become a standard business sponsor, and that the sponsorship obligations can be met.

A Business Sponsorship Agreement, once granted, is valid for up to five years. Employers can nominate a number of positions in different occupations under the same sponsorship agreement. Any subsequent application lodged by the company within the agreed five year period will only require a nomination and visa application.


This is where the details of the position being offered to the employee is reviewed. The occupation that the position relates to must be on the list of occupations which are eligible to be sponsored under this visa scheme. The position must be full time, meet all the relevant Australian laws and the award conditions for the relevant industry, and the remuneration must reflect a fair market rate.

In addition, the business will need to provide evidence to confirm that they have made attempts to fill the position from within the local labour market, and have been unsuccessful in locating a suitable candidate.


The last stage of the process is the personal visa application. This requires the applicant to provide evidence of their qualifications and relevant experience and any relevant registration or licensing for their occupation. They will also be required to show that they are of good health and character, and have an acceptable level of English language skills.

The applicant can only start working for the employer on this visa once approval has been received from the Department of Home Affairs for all stages of the process.

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